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At Turner Chiropractic, our mission is to maximize the quality of your life by utilizing the latest state of the art techniques.  Dr. Brad Turner has been serving the Twin Falls area for 18 years. 

He is one of 2 chiropractors in the state of Idaho that utilizes the Atlas Orthogonal technique.  This is an upper cervical (neck) technique that focuses on the top vertebra of the spine which is called the atlas.  When the atlas is in the correct position it can dramatically affect not only neck conditions and headaches, but lower spine conditions as well.

In addition he utilizes a number of other techniques to safely and effectively treat the entire spine.

Headaches  &  Migraines         Neck Pain
Mid Back Pain         Low Back Pain        Auto Injuries                 Work Injuries       Sports Injuries


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Dr. Brad Turner


Turner Chiropractic

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